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I got tagged again!

It's always a bit awkward when I am tagged in one of these memes, because I don't know who I could tag to keep the game going. But still, as the meme (by tookborough ) involves questions, I'll take time to answer them.

The first part consists in telling you 11 things about me. Here they are:

I think I am the most fearful person I know.
Despite that - or because of that, I like to do things I'm afraid to do at first.
My motivation in life is to understand as much about how the world works as possible.
I have never had a permanent employment so far. (But it's about to change this year.)
I currently own about 65 bottles of nail polish.
When I was traveling, the thing I missed the most about home (apart from people, who are not things, but people) was baking.
In my passport, I have four visa of (officially) communist countries and three visa of former communist countries, plus one set of stamps from Canada, nothing else.
I only noticed it when I looked at my passport after I had already been to these countries, I have no special interest in communism.
The most important element of the music I like is groove or flow.
If I had enough money not to worry about for the rest of my life, I would travel and study more.
And I would invest the rest of the money to finance aimless research without pressure (other people's curiosity) and write books (other people's creativity).

And here are 11 questions by tookborough:

1. Three names you go by? Who's calling you that and why?

First of all, my real first name, the one my parents chose for me. Almost everyone is calling me that. ;)
Second, my second name. It's also my mother's name and nobody calls me like that. But it's still useful, because when I'm in a country where people have difficulties with me first name, they can switch to the second - everyone can pronounce that.
Third, it's the name I use in this blog - rareb. I'm known by this name in different places on the internet. It's also the nickname my cousin and I chose for me. We lived apart when we were children, but always felt like sisters - so once, when we didn't want to leave each other after a visit, we exchanged first syllables of our names and became ra-reb and reb-ra. It kind of stuck, after that.

2. When you could have one superpower, what would it be?

That's a tough one, there are so many cool superpowers around. I think the best one is that of Peter Petrelli in the first season of Heroes, the power to learn the powers of all the others by empathy. But as the power should probably reflect my personality in some way, I think it would be the power to absorb and contextualise information.

3. What was the last film you saw in cinema? Did you like it?

It was The Hobbit: an unexpected journey. And I'm probably alone among the many Tolkien fans, but I didn't like it that much. It was fun, but the magic was gone for me. It was too loud for me, too long... it felt like they had put every single sentence in the book on screen and then some. The fight scenes under the mountain looked so much like a theme park ride that I'm quite sure they've already got plans to build it.

4. Have you ever been in love with a fictional character?

All the time. ;) It gets really weird when you know the author or when you write his love interest in an RPG or a collaborative story.

5. Egyptian, Roman or Greek feet?

No idea.

6. Your favourite Star Trek character?

Err... I have to pass that, too. I've never watched Star Trek.

7. A skill you're interested in learning?

Programming. But I will soon start learning that. Others: Mandarin, Asian self-defence...

8. What makes you laugh no matter what?

Absurd situations.

9. A poster you had on your wall when you were a teen? That one you really can't deny it's been there.

Not just one... the entire room. Backstreet Boys. I know. And I had a real crush on one of the singers, too.

10. Art or Science?

Can I take both? But... actually, if I had to decide, science, no question. But I think they belong together. Art is for dreams and hunches, science is a reality check.

11. The fandom you belong to for the longest time? And the one that is most embarassing to tell people about?

I'm  not part of a fandom strictly speaking - but I know a lot of fans of the Lord of the Rings. And, well... the universe I have no doubt written the most in, is Harry Potter.